New Arrivals

The Constellation Collection – The Brut Collection – The Berlinette Collection

New Arrivals

Claepsidra Candles – Haviland Manufacture

Our Lightings

The elegance of the paper material combines perfectly with the purity and sobriety of alabaster.

The Constellation Collection is the flagship creation of the Marianne Guély Studio for 2021. The precise work of the digital lace allows to play with precision on the rendering of light.

The Collection Brut was born from the confrontation between the raw aspect of alabaster and the delicacy of paper. We select each alabaster block for its raw and unique character.

The Berlinette collection is one of the first imagined by the Studio Marianne Guély in collaboration with the architect Saïd Njeim. The play of geometry in space and the purity of alabaster revealed by the elegance of light create a modern and dreamlike atmosphere, soft and comfortable.

“My studio is now a reference when it comes to interventions in historical places and the future of our projects is to still make beautiful encounters to transform their dreams into reality.”

Marianne Guély, CEO and Founder

“To advise each other, to help each other, many meetings and outcomes are needed. A whole constellation of events is necessary for a single success.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

“You have to be illuminated from the inside to illuminate on the outside.”

François Garagnon ,
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